Using pmrep to export an Informatica folder

Sometimes you need to export the contents of a PowerCenter folder for offline storage. This post will show you how to quickly export a PowerCenter folder's contents using the pmrep command's ObjectExport function.

The nice thing about this tip is I give you a script (download here) that will export a folder's contents as individual XML files and export one XML file containing all the folder's contents. This gives you flexibility when you need to import the objects back into the repository, you can pick and choose from the individual files or import all the folder's contents with the one file.

VBScript to convert CSV to XLS

Informatica can easily output target data in comma separated value format (CSV) but sometimes you require output formatted in native Excel.  Here's a reusable Visual Basic Script that will convert a CSV file into a nicely formatted native Excel file.

The script can be ran individually or as this tip will demonstrate, can be evoked from a PowerCenter Session's "Post-Session Success Command" property.

Here's an overview of what the script can do:

  • Adjust width of the columns (auto fit)
  • Sets the Header row (row 1) to Bold Font
  • Freezes the Header row
  • Adds Data Filters to each column of Header Row
  • Sets the Header Row Background color to gray
  • Saves AS native Excel format into a new file name