Managing Connections using Parameter Files

Try this tip for managing PowerCenter connections.

Parametrize connections and use one parameter file to define them. Use the one parameter file in all your workflows. This will bring consistency to development and make it easy when connection changes are required.

VBScript to Combine Multiple XLS Files into a Single File

Here's a companion tip to the "VBScript to convert CSV to XLS" post.

This script will combine two Excels files into one workbook. The files will be treated as separate worksheets inside the workbook. The worksheet names will be the same as the file names.

You may find this useful when an Inforamtica process outputs multiple flat files and you have converted them into native Excel format but only wish to present one file to the end user (or for archiving or reporting purposes).

The Transaction Control

Here is a sample mapping to illustrate how the Transaction Control transformation can dynamically create multiple flat file outputs, each with a unique name and data set.

The mapping reads a source table whose key is “Group Id”, and outputs a separate target file for each Group Id data set. The file names are also generated dynamically based on the Group Id.

Using a web service to send e-mail

Informatica allows options for sending email at the session level (on Session Success or Failure) but there is not a standard way to send email from the mapping. By using a web service (written in a third party language such as .Net or Java) to send email, you can generate email from a mapping based on conditional logic and include relevant "pipeline" data in the email body. An additional advantage, if you are using HTML email, you have unlimited options to format the body of the email.

Unschedule Workflow Script

Here is a technique that can be used to unschedule workflows automatically or conditionally. This process uses the pmrep command to unschedule any workflows specified in a CSV file.

I have a copy of this workflow scheduled on our development server using the scheduling option "Run on Integration Service initialization". I do this because any restart of the Informatica service will “re-schedule” unscheduled workflows.

The workflow runs one mapping and calls one command task.