Web Service Consumer for JDE BSSV Customer Manager - processCustomer

Calling JDE Business Services (BSSV), aka Web Services, can be tricky and there is little information on Oracle's or Informatica's website showing how. In fact, importing the JDE CustomerManager.wsdl into an Informatica web service consumer creates a large confusing, near impossible to understand transformation.

Here's a high level overview to create a usable JDE 9.0 Customer Manager BSSV, be aware your requirements may be different and you may have to deviate from these steps to fit your need.

Scheduled Workflow Fails But Completes when Ran Manually

Here's a solution to an obscure issue. A workflow/session completes successfully when ran manually but gives error LM_44127 Failed to prepare the task when ran from the scheduler.

If you are using Versioning, ALL objects must be checked in. Use the option Versioning > Find Checkouts to see any checked out objects. Check in all objects.

Also, IMPORTANT, if using shortcuts for sources, targets or transformations, the objects the shortcuts are copied from must also be checked in, look in the folder(s) where the shortcuts where copied from, make sure those are also checked in.