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The "Dependences" report in PowerCenter is great for showing where objects (especially sources and targets) are used. Recently however, one of my team members almost deleted a Flat File source definition because it showed NO dependencies. After double checking they found where the Flat File object was used as a lookup!!

Has anyone else had issues with the "Dependences" report not showing all usage for an objects?

Has anyone written their own reports over the PowerCenter repository to define object usage?

Post your comments below.

After posting the above question on the Linkedin Informatica Developers group, I received the following responses:

Response 1
The best way to check the dependency is to export all workflows (and their associated objects) to an XML file and search for the object in the XML. By doing this you find all occurrences (lookups, SQL Override Queries, etc.).

Response 2
Although you can create a lookup based on a source or target definition, PowerCenter does not establish any dependency between the lookup and the source/target.

Lookups are the most obvious case where the dependency is hidden, but also if you refer to tables in the SQL override of relational Source Qualifier where the table is not included as a connected source definition. Much less likely, but still possible, are Target update overrides and SQL transformations. And dont forget that someone might have put overrides in the session.

Response 3
You can also try Metaquery tool. It’s available on Informatica support site.

Thank you for your support
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