Data Integration Hub Errors

This page will be a running list of tips and workarounds for Data Integration Hub 10.

Error: unable to create all staging tables for topic

This error can occur if you have a reserved word as a column name.

Session must be established for 'end'

This error can occur if the Web Service Hub (WSH) is down. Log into the Informatica Console (not DIH console), check all the services. Restart any that are not running.

…must have at least one target with valid DIH__PUBLICATION_INSTANCE_ID … and a valid DIH__PUBLICATION_INSTANCE_DATE

Make sure the target is checked in OR your target does not have the column(s) indicated in the error message.

The Repository Service marked the session or session instance as impacted

An object is checked out, check all associated objects in.

How Do DIH Mapping/Session/Workflow Variables Work

Workflow variables are populated using an Assignment task. The Mapping variables are populated from Workflow variables are on the DIH_sub_route_event or DIH_pub_route_event session’s “Session Variable Assignment”.

Can’t edit or delete a subscription

If a subscription fails, sometimes you will not be able to edit it because the system thinks it’s running or waiting for the publication. Try setting the Event_Status_Id of the Event_Id or the Parent_Event to 1 (complete)

update [InfaQADIHRep].[dbo].[EVENT] set EVENT_STATUS_ID = 1 where PARENT_EVENT = 7214 
Migrated Publication/Subscription can’t find connection

Error “Missing Initial value for Session Parameter” even though workflow and pub/sub has a parameter file value.

After running dx-tools utilities to import DIH components from one repository to another, this error may occur. Re-enter the Parameter File path into the Applications pub/sub.

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