Homemade Beer Crate

Here's how I made my beer creates.

I followed these plans from Homebrewtalk as closely as I could, however I used recycled pallets for the wood so my the wood sizes didn't fit these plans exactly. I compensated as needed, for example my vertical ends where a little thicker, causing my horizontal side slats to be longer than the 18.5 inches

Also the plans call for bottom slats of 17 inches, that makes it pretty tight to fit 4 six pack holders.  I made my bottom slats 17 ¼ inches.  I also custom fit my side horizontal slats, so instead of cutting them 18.5 inches, I cut them so they would take up the whole side including the vertical end piece. 

One nice thing about the “Uncle Dave” model is he includes a template for a divider section if you want to make one of those too.

Here are some examples

Where to Find Pallets: Small Businesses, Retail Centers, Light Industrial areas, constriction areas. Unless pallets are in the trash/dumpster, ask if you can have it. Better to ask than get in trouble.