Sequence Number Generation

The Sequence Generator transformation is great sometimes but I cannot find a way to reset the generated sequence based on external conditions. For example, when a value in the current row is different from the value in a previous row, I would like to reset the Sequence number.

Using some information I found on Informatica’s Knowledge base, I created a reusable Expression that will increment or reset a counter (sequence number) based on an input port's value. The counter will increment when a chosen input port's current row is equal to the previous row and reset the counter when the current row's value does not match the value from a previous row.

How It Works
The expression saves a chosen port value into a variable port so it can be compared to subsequent rows, when the current port value matches the previous port value (saved in the variable), a sequence number is incremented. When the current and previous values do not match, the sequence number is reset to 1.

Using the Expression
Import the expression object (XML file) into a PowerCenter library, it will be stored in the "Transformations" sub-folder.

You can modify the port lengths as required.

The expression's input should be sorted by the input value.

Download the Expression here.

View The Code

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