Assign Object Permissions - pmrep AssignPermission

Note: This tip is part of a series on administration scripts.

These scripts automate the process to grant permissions to PowerCenter Folders, Connections and Query objects. In my company’s PowerCenter development environment, we allow each developer to access all folders and connection objects. Our security structure is designed so all developers are in a security group, these scripts grant access to the security group.

We use this process because if a developer creates a new folder and does not grant access to the developer security group, other developers will not have access to the folder. We run these scripts daily so new folder, connection and query objects are accessible to everyone.

To Execute the Scripts
The scripts accept two input parameters, Security Group Name and PowerCenter Security Domain. The scripts can be ran from the command line, scheduled from most Job Scheduling applications or ran from the Informatica Scheduler as outlined below:

  1. Create a Workflow and add a Task
  2. Add a command entry on the Task to call the script .bat file
  3. Specifiy the path\script name and include the scripts parameters

    • For example $PathToFile\Connection_Permissions.bat Group_Name security_domain

The scripts currently grant permissions to a PowerCenter security group (notice the –g parameter on the AssignPermission function), but it could be modified to grant access to an individual user (-n) by changing the pmrep AssignPermission parameter –g to –n and supplying the user name instead of the Security Group name.

The scripts also grant Read, Write and Execute permissions, (the rwx option on the pmrep AssignPermission function), change these to fit your security needs. For example if you wanted to run these over your production environment you may want to change the access options to read only (r) for most users or security groups.

Download the scripts here

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