Session Failure emails

Here is a reusable email task you can use for the “On Failure E-Mail” property for any Informatica session. If the session fails an email is sent to an address you specify. The content of the email is generic but you get all relative information about the session’s failure, plus the session log as an email attachment.

Download the task and import it into a PowerCenter folder. Next set the “On Failure E-Mail” for a session to "reusable" and chose the email task.

You may have to edit the task and set the "To" email to whatever is valid for your environment.

Here is a brief overview of the variables used in the email content:

%s= Session Name
%d = Repository Name
%e = Session Status
%m = Mapping name
%n = Folder Name
%b = Session Start Time
%c = Session Completion Time
%i = Session Elapsed Time
%l = Total Records loaded
%r = Total Records Rejected
%t = Target table details
%g = Attach session log

I like to use %d in the subject line so I know at a glance which repository the failure email came from.

Below is an example of what the content of the email looks like:

Thank you for your support
 or  PayPal

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    Not able to download the task from thh links provided above.

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